Raffle Results

1st prize – Amazing Handmade Quilt donated by the

Cannawarra Quilting Club –

Winner – Vicki Combridge

2nd prize – ‘’The Collector’’ – Framed limited edition print by Christine Cochran of The Serigraph Gallery (see wall of gallery)

Winner – Jeanette

3rd prize – a magnificent hamper from your local IGA

Winner – Sue Bransgrove

4th Prize – a hand crafted Swaggie

Winner – Sue

5th prize – $25 Milkshake or Coffee voucher from Misty Hills Café

Winner – Anita Day

6th prize – $25 Milkshake or Coffee Voucher from Misty Hills Café

Winner – Emma

Prizes 7th – 11th A free milkshake from Misty Hills Café

Winners – Paul Bennell, Isabelle Thomas, Bruce Wallace,

Skye Di Ginero, Chase Cumming