Prize Winners

"Birds in Colour"

2021 - 2022 Judges


Neerim Bower Co Designer, Concrete Reinforcement Fabricator, Painter


Director Latrobe Regional Gallery & Latrobe Performing Arts

Winner 2021-2022

Rudi Jass ‘’Wings of Desire’’


This work really spoke to the brief of ‘birds in colour’.

The energy of flight and the playfulness of birdlife are captured in a kinetic sculpture that is beautifully made and a perfect addition to this lovely town.

The use of colour is well considered and adds an extra dimension to the work.


Art is a desire and a need to react creatively to the artistic processes that occur during the production of a piece.

It is the love for materials, problem solving, and the need to create, which are the foundations of my work.

Art keeps me Genuine.

Winner 2021-2022

Laurie Collins ‘’Three Birds on a Post’’


This work is so playful and delightful.

The tiny characters inspire the imagination and one can almost hear the chatter that happens when we’re not watching.

I would love to meet a whole flock of these tiny creatures.


I had completely forgotten about this wonderful old fence post.

I was also exploring how to use colourbond and I had made 3 birds using pipe and different pieces.

Again they all suggested that they combine and this lovely piece is the result

People’s Choice Award

Vicki Combridge ‘’Flight of Fantasy’’

Highly Commended

Lucy Mceachern ‘’Baby Magpie’’


This baby magpie has all the attitude and energy of the real thing.

A gorgeous little piece that is beautifully made – and one that took the heart of this judge! 

2016 Acquitision

Winner 2016

"Astro Boy" by Nicole Allen


Ever since man first saw a bird flying above, he’s wondered what it would be like?

Since then, he’s tried everything to fly.

He’s jumped off cliffs, built balloons, planes and even spaceships.

But the one thing he can’t do, is grow wings.

Or can he?


So weird, in such a lovely way!

It’s dynamic and fits the criteria well.

Tactile, beautifully made – interactive, you want to touch it.

Love the boots with her name in the round.

It’s fun and playful.

We loved it.


Kathryn MacDonald: Former Arts Officer, VicArts Grants, Creative Victoria, Community Development Officer, East Gippsland Shire

Andrew Kasper: Sculptor, Winner 2014 Neerim Bower

2016 IGA Neerim South People's Choice Award

"Tree of Life" by Rudi Jass

Artist’s Statement

‘’The love for materials, problem solving, and the need to create, are the foundations of my work.

Art keeps me genuine.’’

This sculpture was Acquired in 2018 through a grant from the Neerim District Financial Services to the Neerim District Progress Association.

2014 Acquisition

Winner 2014

''Tranquillity'' by Andrew Kasper


My approach for this work is the pursuit of excellence, looking for beauty and simplicity simultaneously. 

I am looking to pass on a feeling to the viewer and in this case its tranquillity. 

This feeling of tranquillity may also relate to us when we are observing birds in nature as well as other times in our lives.”


 In judging the varied array of work on show, looking for three key things: artistic form (and quality of craftsmanship), impact and suitability and durability for a public space.

Many of the works impressed on one or two of the criteria but one stood out on all three.

Andrew Kasper’s work ‘’Tranquillity’’ is a piece of good scale which still sits nicely and comfortably in human occupied space – it’s friendly and approachable. Made of corten steel it is durable and promises to be able to withstand the rigours of being ‘on the street’. Its abstract form reflects its theme of tranquillity and is well suited to the atmosphere of this beautiful town.

The judges first encountered the work with a group of locals gathered around it having a chat. We hope it continues to be a place where the Neerim South community gathers and meets visitors.


Rob Robson: Arts Officer Baw Baw Shire

Anton Vardy: Director Sale Regional Gallery