A comment by community member Jeannie Haughton.

In the early-morning-bound-to- be-a-scorcher-later-on sun, Soapie turned to me and said, “ A man’d be a mug, Blue. A mug.” Words remembered from over 20 years ago…

They all rushed to the corner of the shop where the keys to the local hall were kept on a set of nails that had probably seen fifty years or more of service.Two kids burst out of the shop and our three boys followed at a gallop. Traffic was not a threat, so we strolled behind, catching up ten years of life: you don’t drop in to Walpeup because you happen to be passing through.

NDPA President's Statement

Neerim South sits on a ridge road which cuts through green hills and valleys and leads eventually to either Mt Baw Baw or the Yarra Valley.  This small town is home to some 600 people from diverse backgrounds.  Some of them come from families which have been here since the gigantic trees covering the area were clear felled by hand to provide rich grazing land for their dairy cattle.  Some arrived just yesterday and some are weekenders who take advantage of the proximity to Melbourne to enjoy the best of both worlds.  My family and I are of the latter group.  We bought a ten acre block with a
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